Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Three More Things

Signing the FV painting -- you can see the scale of this giant painting.

Today I will pick up the boxes for the four resin photo boxes I am doing. Will deliver on Monday. I am also painting a small commission which will be reproduced in multiples for hotel suites. It's simple and won't take long. I will ship it out tomorrow. And I am working on a painting for Roger's wife's birthday next month. I only have a few days left and need to get it finished before I leave town. Those are the three things left on my schedule.

Had a long conversation with the medical construction client yesterday. He's pitching me to his client. Hope that works out - if I get the nod I'll be doing paintings for 6 medical offices, 8 pcs each. Pretty fun!

About the new laptop - I have decided to upgrade mine, and get a new bigger hard drive. That's all I really need.


Pat said...

What this really shows is the new scale of you! What a great picture!


garyb50 said...


Great shot !!!