Thursday, March 23, 2006


"Making things happen is dependent on having a clear sense of which things are more important than others and applying that sense to every single interaction that takes place." -- Scott Berkun in a book on project management.

I think this thought can be equally applied to our business and personal lives. In fact, I think it's one way to explain the success I have had as an artist even though I'm not really a great painter. Something to think about.

Checklist for my three things:
pick up boxes for resin project - check
work on Roger's painting - check
paint and ship landscape - check

This morning I am prepping the boxes with primer. I have already printed the photos that will be applied, so this project is off to a good start.

New inspiration: There was a picture in yesterday's newspaper of a muddy field with tire and foot tracks made as a result of a chase of a criminal by police. It was an interesting pattern. It seems the perpetrator was afraid of the police and starting running on foot. We had 8 inches of rain the day before and even though a day of sunshine had dried the top, the field was, the newspaper said, a "quagmire". The guy got stuck waist deep in the mud, the temperatures hovered in the thirties. A team of rescue professionals could not free him and he died. So "quagmire" is my next idea for abstracts.


Joyce said...

Quagmire? Oh my goodness!! Should be interesting though. I see on the news that Dallas has had a lot of rain recently and some flooding.

Karen Jacobs said...

Might as well tie it into the war as well... I put 'Dallas newspaper quagmire' into Google and that's all they can talk about. Thought I might pull up the photo.