Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Personal Service in an Impersonal World

My internet host began as a guy in college trying to make some extra money. As such, he went overboard with customer service and helped me out many many times over the years. He's changed and his business has changed, and now he doesn't even answer my emails.

So when I emailed Blogarithm about suspending service for the month I will be in France, I expected maybe an autoresponder telling me to read the knowledgebase. What I got was a very friendly note from them telling me how they were considering that service but hadn't implemented it yet. At that point I had a couple more weeks before leaving. Today I got a note that said they now have the service in place, and gave me instructions on how to use it. I like to keep up with certain blogs (who doesn't?) and now I can put their notification on hold, then turn it on again when I return from France. GREAT customer service! If you aren't using Blogarithm to keep up with the blogs you like to read, you're wasting time.

I'm all packed, all errands have been run. Today I chill out, tomorrow I get on the plane.


CMC said...

I'm packed and waiting for Pat to get here. Trying to chill.....I sent you an email about contacting Ryan.
See ya soon............this is gonna be SO FUN!

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