Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Art is Not a Group Activity

Creating art is a singular pursuit. To me it requires quiet alone time. I am easily distracted by other people, mostly the sound of them, hearing conversation or the scratching of a surface with a pencil, or the push of a brush against paint. So going to France with a group of artists, well loved though they may be, will be uhh....interesting. Going is fine, traveling is fine, visiting and gossiping and discussing and arguing, all of that is fine. But setting up a space to paint, and actually making it work will be my challenge.

Roger's painting will be finished today. And I will deliver the resin boxes this morning. I have turned down work already this week -- I don't want to work that hard to meet a deadline. It will wait for me. I have some photography to print, and I'm done. Got all my paints, brushes, paper and canvas packed up. I'll be taking a collection of handmade papers for collage to share with the group.

Got Skype loaded on my laptop, with the hope that I can find a broadband connection somewhere to make free phone calls home. And I loaded Painter, thinking that would be a good rainy day activity since I haven't taken time to learn it at home. I'm so glad that I upgraded the hard drive instead of buying a new laptop. Simple solution.

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