Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Releasing the Pressure

Since I am on vacation, I decided to tell my client to be prepared for this commission not being completed. The idea of it has been such a weight on me I could hardly stand it. I wrote a long email to my client explaining how I felt and how much I needed this time in order to be creative again. The minute I hit the "send" button I felt better, and proceeded to paint the whole composition of the painting! Later in the day I sent her a photo of the painting for approval. When I didn't hear back from her, I called, and was very happy to hear her say that my mental and physical well being were much more important to her than one painting. If it got done fine, if it didn't that was fine to. Something in her words released the pressure I had been putting on myself. And I have finished the painting. It doesn't look like my usual work because it is a specific style, palette and place as requested by her customer. I will pack it up today and ship it to Dallas. She will stretch and frame it and send it to Ireland.

Since I will be in town to do all that, I think I will take a drive out to the Rio Grande river where it parallels highway 30 close to Espanola. My camera is itching to get out. Finally!

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