Thursday, November 24, 2005

Giving Thanks

It's really just another day to me - because every single night the last thing I do is give thanks. The internet is not big enough for me to start counting every thing I am thankful for...suffice it to say that I am magnificently blessed to be a part of this planet.

Although the retailers of America would have you believe that Thanksgiving Day is only to fortify you for shopping tomorrow, I disagree. I have too many "things" in my life now, as do most everyone I know. Considering how fortunate I am compared to those people who lost all their possessions in hurricanes this year, I will be staying out of the stores. There's not one thing that I could buy that would make my life or any of my friends' or family's better.

I will donate food so that others may eat.

But no battery operated anything, no electronics, no CDs, no videos, no holiday sweaters, no slippers or bathrobes, no useless anything will pass from my hands to anothers this year.

Just say no.

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