Sunday, November 27, 2005


It snowed last night! Just enough to mesmerize me as I stood inside looking out at the fluff swirling in the darkness. This morning is bright, clear, windy and cold. Ice crystals are in the air.

Yesterday I went on a studio tour south of Santa Fe in La Cienega. There were about 40 stops, and I made it to only a few based on the images and descriptions on the map. I hope I didn't miss anything spectacular! I skipped the jewelry artists, the furniture makers and the Native Americans. There was a fabric artist with very interesting abstract constructions. And I met a woman who would be perfect for my hotel market, and took her card. I will introduce her to one of my clients. I think it will be a good fit.

After the tour I went to the local art supply store and bought too much. How can I not when there's such an array of merchandise that isn't available at home? Plus they were having a 15% discount on Golden products. I couldn't resist.

Next I went to Canyon Rd. to visit a few galleries. I can only do a few at a time because I get overloaded quickly. Too much visual stimuli. I wanted to see my friend Alan who opened Crossroads a year ago. He reports that business is better than any prediction he had in the beginning. That's good to hear in a recessive economy. Of course his comments were contradicted by the next gallery owner I talked to -- oh well.

It seems that abstract paintings are selling briskly. Color is in. Texture is in. That means I'm in!

I am always tempted to try to get in a gallery when I am here. I know I don't have time. I know I don't want to send work off to a gallery and wait until it sells (or not). I know I don't want to pay for all that framing. Yet everytime I am here, I want to see my work on one of these galleries walls. Must be my competitive nature.

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