Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Back to Normal

Ha! Whatever normal is!

Returned home to discover that my dear (?) neighbor had tried to "fix" something with my wireless system and (1) unplugged one of my hard drives, (2) unplugged my keyboard and (3) wore out the battery in my flashlight. Consequently it was difficult to determine what all was wrong. It's fixed now, and I will forgive him because we have a long history of good things to make up for it.

I unrolled the landscape painting that I completed in Santa Fe, and thought I would give it a coat of varnish before delivering it this afternoon, but because the light is so different here in Dallas than in NM, I am repainting the sky. Light is everything!

I am printing room art, and it's going smoothly. Great!

Have two more requests for commissions waiting for me to price. And I have work to start this afternoon. Life is good.

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