Saturday, August 16, 2008

Through the Fog

View of the Golden Gate bridge with Full Moon -- in the fog

After visiting with my friend David Arnone, glass artist, I headed up to the Golden Gate bridge. Last night was the night before the full moon, and since I'm here I couldn't bypass the photo op. I like to shoot from the Marin headlands so the moon rises over the San Francisco skyline and the sun sets behind and lights up the bridge.

Well, that's on a good day.

This wasn't one of those days. The sunny blue sky day quickly deteriorated as I headed south on 101 by Corte Madera. The wind driven fog swept across the highway obliterating most of the light. I perservered, as I am known to do, and headed for Hawk Hill hoping I could get above the fogline. Nope.

Forty five minutes later I was back down in Sausalito, where the fog was above me, and there was a clear line allowing the full moon to glisten down into the waters of the marina. I sat there for a minute and just looked. Totally forgot I was supposed to be on a photo shoot!

I headed home.

Today I've been running around town doing last minute things before my vacation ends. And I've got some clothes washing and house cleaning to do before my friends come home tomorrow. It will be so nice to see them and share stories.

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Anonymous said...

The bridge has never looked more spectacular. Just breathtaking. such a different perspective.