Friday, August 15, 2008

Caveman Principle

Scott Ginsberg (the nametag guy) describes the Caveman Principle:

Movement? ---> Change! ---> Threat! ---> Respond!

No movement? ---> No change. ---> No threat :) ---> No response.

When I read that it immediately resonated. I knew that my work suffered when I stayed in the studio too many days in a row without a break. I get stale. I can especially appreciate that now that I am on vacation. As I let go of the rut I've dug for myself I am able to let new ideas flow in. I'm feeling creative today -- and I've been inspired by change.

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hellomynameisscott said...

Thanks for the link love!


Anonymous said...

I love Scott's blog. Subscribed just now!

Walker said...

Great Martha -- he'll inspire you!