Friday, July 25, 2008

Turning off the Lights

Middle section of Westin Park Central Registration Desk installation.

I've spent my last day in the studio for awhile. I still have a bucket of brushes to wash out, and things to straighten up, but I'm done with projects.

The installers came yesterday for the pickup of the 3d installation for Westin Park Central. The middle panel is shown above. This is less than half of the project. One thing is labeled wrong, the top right piece is photography printed on plexi, not a box. But it gives you an idea of what it looks like. It installs on Monday, but I'll be in California - yay! They have promised to email me photos.

The same design firm has requested this concept again, they like this one so much. It's another three section 3d installation, but a bit smaller and fewer pieces. It takes me so long to design these. I get the concept and colors from the designer, go through my database of images and paintings, and somehow filter it all out into something new, fresh, and visually pleasing, with a variety of surface textures.

I always love it when I get a PO before a trip -- something for me to work on the minute I get home. Job security!


Judy Vars said...

Where do you get all your concepts?
You're very good. Enjoy Burkley!

Walker said...

Hi Judy -- I get my inspiration the same places you do -- everything around me and things percolating in my head. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful paintings!

Hello,Its very very nice and wonderfull.
your work is so fantastic I enjoyed of your paintings!