Tuesday, July 29, 2008

40 Degrees Difference

It was less than a 4 hour flight between Dallas and Oakland, but wow what a difference in the weather! Brrrr! I left the hottest weekend of the year (105 that day) to arrive to temps in the 50s.

Yesterday I roused myself long enough to go buy some long sleeved shirts, at least. Otherwise, I'm raiding Helen's closet. The dogs that were tiny pups when I visited last are long-legged high energy hounds now. Fabulous!

I've already had my camera out in "Eve's" garden out back. Plucking blackberries and popping them into my mouth, alternating with the sweetest yellow plums you've ever tasted. I have babied my daisies at home to finally get them to bloom nicely after 4 years. Here the front yard is a riot of 4 ft tall full bloomed gems -- right beside the roses that look like they overdosed on fertilizer. What a difference the climate makes.

Helen has left me all her museum membership cards which I intend to take full advantage of. And she periodically sends me info on local events for me to choose from. Lots of choices around here!

In the meantime, I'm bundled up on the couch with a blanket and two dogs -- happy to be taking a break from my artist's work life.


Chris Bellinger said...

I never have undrtstood how anyone can work in conditions of 105 that is of course when you need air conditionining!
we had quite hot 80 egree weather last week, you go outside and it is a bit like a oven
Today is cloudy and a bit breeszt temp60,s

Mary Richmond said...

No one deserves a break like you do! I hope you have a wonderful time. sounds like you already are....yay for rejuvenation and vacations!

Anonymous said...

love the way you write and i need a break so bad.