Saturday, June 21, 2008

Good News Friday

Historically Fridays are good days for me. My client likes to release purchase orders on Fridays. I did get a PO yesterday, but not from my client. It's from a purchasing company in Atlanta ordering something that I don't even know about. I'll have to get clarification on Monday, but I do remember quoting something for this project. I think it's for photography which will be printed as digital wallpaper. Nobody told me what images, though, and the PO says "HOT! Deliver ASAP!" Nice, but I don't know what to deliver or to whom. Glad to have the work, though.

I had a last minute request late yesterday, to resize and recolor three photographic images. I was deliriously happy to comply when I was told that these have been chosen for model room for a hotel with almost 2,000 rooms. It's a competition -- I don't know how many model rooms there will be, but I'm not the only artist. Sure would love to get this huge project -- and I have a good shot.

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