Friday, June 20, 2008

Doing by Doing

When I have a problem with motivation, I've discovered the best thing to do is -- something! Lying around in a state of ennui only perpetuates the problem. Taking action is the only way to create more energy.

Usual a deadline is motivating for me. Lacking that I will often create my own -- with a promise to myself to finish "A" by 3:00 -- or work 30 minutes without stopping -- or don't touch the computer for an hour.

On this summer Friday I'm ignoring my studio and heading out to a local trade show at Market Center. I have no real business there, but it's good to see what's out in the market, and I need a break from my own 4 walls.

Next week I have an installation scheduled for Texas Clinic, which almost wraps up that project.

I bought airlines tickets yesterday (yikes!) for my annual trip housesitting in Berkeley. I'm going in August, thereby missing that intense Dallas heat and the slow art season. My friend in Berkeley is a member of all the local museums, and she tells me there are great shows during that time, including a retrospective of Chilhuly's work, and a Frida Kahlo show. Can't wait.


Judy Vars said...

A Frida Kalho Show how wonderful.
Relax and have fun,

Martha Marshall said...

You are so right about creating your own motivation. I had to do it myself just this past week. Amazing what a burst of energy I got from just moving some paint around instead of pixels for a change.