Thursday, October 25, 2007

Planning An Escape

It's been too long since I've had a change of scenery, and I'm planning just that. I need to get away, I need to be alone, and I need some distractions. Luckily my artist friend Helen is going away over Thanksgiving and she needs a petsitter for her little dog Redford, and her two new poodle puppies! How could I resist the allure of northern California and two puppies?

Hopefully all these projects that have made me so crazy over the past few months will be installed and off my mind.

Today I am painting three abstracts (the ones I forgot about) and delivering the abstract I painted yesterday that will be turned into digital wallpaper.

Had some major complications with the carving. The casting estimator got the numbers wrong and now it's not even close to being affordable for room art. It's possible that we'll have enough time to get it to China for casting, but that's a long way off, and decisions can be made after model room (Nov 1). We're doing the first one here, that's for sure.

Still doing last minute prints for Texas Clinic. I have one 46' wall left to lay out, and I'm done with that. Can't wait to see what turns up in my inbox today.

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Annette Bush said...

California sounds like the treat you need. Sorry about the casting snafu; hope it works out.