Friday, October 26, 2007

The Pain of Arrogance

I paid little attention to the order for three small (8" x 12") photo paintings for the large hotel project. I've done hundreds of those paintings, so there was no challenge for me at all. Their significance was further reduced by the drama of the carving, and an intricate layered digital construction for the same project. I forgot about those paintings, actually.

So I rushed through them, tried to skimp on the paper size, changed my process entirely, used a different printer, and basically ruined them at the end. They're trash.

I had to start over late last night, and today I'm following established processes and paying more attention. It was my own fault.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm wondering if you could elaborate on your process? I love following your work!

Walker said...

Hi Marsha -
I'm afraid I have so many processes I wouldn't know where to start! Anything particular you are interested in?