Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Land of Opportunity

Texas Roundup, 48" x 48" acrylic on canvas

I'm constantly amazed that I make a living with a paintbrush. And more and more, a camera. What a great world.

I woke to rain this morning. Lovely sound. Lately I associate it with our family farm in PA that I recently visited. It was the only place I was allowed to play in the rain as a child.

Another big project has come my way. It's a really really big hotel/resort. Not the one I've been working on all weekend, another one, this time out of state. It's a big opportunity, but I'm afraid it's price-driven and I may not fit in the budget. It's all giclees, from guestrooms to suites to corridors and elevator lobbies. Today my job is to go through the bid packet and pull out images of my own that are similar in style and color to the existing design concepts and then price it out. There are more than 30 pages, so that's my day right there. I can't NOT bid it, but it does take time away from the painting I've got going in the studio, the one above.

This is a big painting, and it's for Texas Clinic. I layered tissue paper over the surface with gesso before painting, just to give it some texture. Kind of a leather texture, really. I didn't want it flat. I went to the Western wear store and took photos for this, so all the boots are authentic. It's really fun!


Mary Richmond said...

You are so inspirational! I love all that you do and the way you do it--your attitude is really great.

garyb50 said...

This is so cool... a boot flower ! !

Anonymous said...

You continue to amaze me!You are a wonder-woman! Love the boots too.
Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Walker said...

a Wonder Woman? Hey I love that!

Judybec said...

Amazing! I'm lovin your art. Just found your blog and think you have a wonderful way of making a living. I'll keep checking back-thanks for sharing!!