Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Day's Work

Got a good response from my client on this one. Photo taken at 4:20pm today. Lots of progress for half a day.

Not only that, but I finally got the purchase order I've been looking for -- nearly 1000 photographic prints for hotel guest room art. woo hoo!!


Martha Marshall said...

That image is just toooo cool.

Congrats on the room art!!

CMC said...

Great looking boots, question though. I've noted several times some of your paintings have a subject matter denoted by white or painted around subject matter. I've never done anything like this....why?
Guess I've just always painted over the entire surface with every layer.

CMC said...

Oh yeah...know what you mean about the color over another color. BUT, when you work in isolation like this, then your background and foreground may not blend and work the edges together easily at all. Or what I mean is that they will seem foreign to each other. Edges are a big part of what I do so I guess that's why I always work all over...and over and over the whole thing.

Should be in there working another layer instead of at the blogs, huh!