Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Upgrade Challenge

Three Sunsets, in progress

Have you noticed that as soon as you get some new electronics that everything else has to be replaced? I had a heckuva time installing my new printer, only to discover today that now my big printer (the workhorse) won't work. It's hair pulling time. It's such a chore to go through processes to eliminate causes of malfunction. I have discovered that the printer works fine when attached to my laptop, but apparently doesn't play well with the new printer in the office. I may have to separate them.

Bottom line it's my old outdated computer that I haven't wanted to replace. Not that I don't need a new one, but I don't want to spend the time configuring everything again. I am doing research, and now it's just a matter of time (maybe a short time) before the new computer arrives and anxiety levels rise. yikes!

I've instructed the construction manager to cut out a wall for a niche where art will be hung at Texas Clinic. The walls are already up and painted, but he was a nice guy and just said "sure, we can do that". It's part of my master plan - which isn't yet complete.

When I walked the space with the owner he showed me around his personal suite of offices, and showed me where he wanted artwork. There's a long ramped hallway that leads to radiation (I think). He mentioned that if you were a patient and you were going down that hall, it wasn't good. He expressed an interest in some decorative element for both those walls, but the construction guys disapproved.

I had an idea today for that space. Multiple small boxes, spread out in a broken grid across each wall, all painted in sky and clouds to create one big image. I submitted the idea this morning (with a visual) and he likes it!

Today I'm going down to the Appraisal offices and fight the tax valuation on my house. It's getting so that I can barely afford to live here!

Then it's back to work -- I'm still painting sunsets.

Oh yea, I did want to share that my Dad seems mighty impressed with this big project. He insists that I must take credit for my work, just like the architect, the lending agencies, and the construction company. He thinks I should have a placard on an easel in the lobby for the grand opening. Believe me, this is not something I have thought about. It does make sense, though. Take credit where credit is due, you know. So thanks to my Dad for that reminder. (He actually told me to tell them I am the best artist in Dallas, but that might be a stretch!).

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Anonymous said...

I know its late but you will have so many more projects, but what if you put on a big banner that says your name and website like the construction companies and architects have out in front of the building.