Thursday, July 12, 2007

Signed Contract

It's official. After receiving verbal approval for my proposal at Texas Clinic, I now have a signed contract. Good thing since I already started painting! I have a lot of creative license on this project and will be mixing types of artwork throughout. I want it to be as interesting as the design of the building itself - which is extremely contemporary.

I have plans for photography face-mounted to plexi with architectural mountings, photography on metal, a large grid painting, a painting in the Glorieta series, and a series of colorblocks, plus the sunset paintings I am working on now. And that's just the start. Whoopee!

Many people have asked how I landed this project. Most artists aren't going to want to hear that what sold the owners on me was not my extreme talent, but my business sense.

They found me by seeing my work at a local hospital and searching the web for me. They took a brief look at my website, we had several business meetings where I gave presentations, handing out professional portfolios with photos of past work, a bio and an artist statement which I tweaked for this job.

When I went to walk the building with the team it didn't hurt that I name-dropped by saying that I walked the Ritz-Carlton the day before because I'm doing guestroom art for all 220 rooms. I think that gave them a little more confidence that I could handle this job. Basically I acted professional, inspiring their confidence.

Now I am in the enviable position of being able to design and create 80 pcs of art for public spaces of an entire medical office building.

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Joanie Gagnon San Chirico said...

BIG congratulations! You are quite amazing!