Saturday, June 09, 2007

Offroad Photography

Golden Falls, Oregon

The best photos are never right off the road. Sometimes you have to hike. And today, after two full days of carrying a loaded backpack, my tripod, and camera, I'm beat. I'm achey in weird places from the repetitive motive of pulling that camera up to my eye. But oh what things we've seen!

We explored estuaries, deep forest, and salt marshes. We climbed to elevations that made our hearts pound, to be rewarded by sparkling waterfalls and no signs of mankind. Yesterday we followed a suggestion by a local and arrived at a place not on any map, a hiking trail beside a small river crashing through round shiny rocks with eleven waterfalls. We were alone there, and didn't stay as along as we wanted, since the sun sank behind high cliffs and we didn't want to get trapped in the dark.

We've seen seal colonies (and heard them barking). Today we'll see more of them as we make our way to Seal Beach. We're in Yachats now, with an ocean view room, but soon we'll be packing up to make our way north.


Anonymous said...

WOW what a great pic- and a room with an ocean view- sounds like the trip is getting even better- have a great time D

garyb50 said...

Another great comp.

WOOT ! ! !

Anonymous said...

All I can say is WOW!!

That is beautiful!! I bet that it was an amazing experience! I wish I had time to go hiking like that!

Walker said...

It WAS an amazing experience - that's for sure. And I found out what they say is true - you have to take at least 100 photos to get one keeper.