Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Backroads Rewards

Mt Hood, Oregon, at sunset

I can't begin to describe the majesty of the state of Oregon. I am enthralled by water in all it's forms, and they are all in Oregon. There's the great Pacific, awe inspiring in any light; the coastal fog; rain as it poured on me, and dripped off impossibly green leaves in forest settings; waterfalls; gurgling brooks; rushing rapids; and the meandering scenic beauty of the Columbia and Willamette rivers.

On our last night, before searching for a hotel room in which to repack and sleep for ten minutes, Nancy and I ventured off the mapped roads into the Mt Hood Wilderness area. Since we'd had so much rain the roads weren't in good shape. Scary dropoffs and washouts were bad enough, but at dusk it turned into potholed gravel. We slid scared looks at each other wondering if we'd even make it back to Portland. Then the forest cleared and as we turned a bend Mt Hood revealed itself sheathed in dark clouds and bathed in the pink glow of sunset. Yes, it was all worth it.

And obviously we made it back, since I'm now sitting at my home computer, culling photos.

Tomorrow I'm back to painting, Friday I have a meeting to confirm art placement in Texas Clinic. Back to work, for sure.

Me and my travel partner, Nancy.

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Martha Marshall said...

Wow, what a shot! And I like the one of you and Nancy too. Hee hee.