Thursday, February 01, 2007

Explorations of a Theme

In looking at these paintings together I realize that none of them are really white. More of a neutral monotone. Some are mockups for a project, others just experiments with how the shades of "white" interact with each other and how texture creates subtle shadows.

I'm not finished with this exploration by any means, but I'm at a standstill. Nothing is percolating.

So today I'm getting out canvas scraps and stapling them to my slant wall. I badly need a shot of color in my life after countless cloudy days and white paintings.


Karen Jacobs said...

That's a great grid painting as it stands. Take a white painting you aren't that fond of and paint a red (or whatever) painting over it. Then paint a white painting on top of that with just some of the color showing. You get your color shot, and then you get back to your white goals. I've found the best white paintings (Ryman excluded) are not totally white or even varying shades of white, but offer some little color relief... or the texture you show in the above grid. KJ

CMC said...

Yep....Karen's right. All the "white" paintings are not really white. Even the latest ones in a series I called Brown/Black that look like so much white are all light on a dark, rich color base.