Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Looking Forward

Shot from the hip at a slow shutter speed, this image of a man in a giftshop is abstracted.
Yet another white day in Dallas. Appropriately enough I am working on eight mockups for a large white painting. The client only asked for two -- but I am in a white phase anyway, so I am taking the opportunity to experiment.

I have signed up for an encaustic workshop at the Creative Arts Center here in Dallas this weekend. Hopefully that will warm me up a little! I've been looking at workshops all over the country, and was lucky to find one right here at home. I have been interested in encaustics for a long time, and have taught myself a little of the technique. The Jasper Johns encaustic paintings I saw in Washington just sparked my interest even more. R&F Paints is having a sale - I think this may be the last day.

For someone who doesn't do workshops, I have a lot planned. Encaustics this weekend, photography weekend in Austin in March, acrylic and collage in California in April, and a June photography workshop on the Oregon coast.

My big medical project, Texas Clinic, is still on the table. I have a meeting in two weeks to discuss my recommendations for art placement. The building doesn't open until October, but a phone call from the construction supervisor yesterday let me know that they want to keep me on their team, and there's two more buildings like this breaking ground this year, all with a nice budget for original art.

When looking back doesn't feel good, it's nice to have something to look forward to.

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