Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Caring for Encaustics

1. Don't leave them in a car.

Guess how I know that? Took the encaustic samples down to my gallery, just to show off. When I came home - out of sight out of mind, and I just now brought them in. We've had a couple warm days in a row and my car smells great! But the wax softened some, and stuck together a little. It helped that I layered them with wax paper, which just makes sense, doesn't it?

My friend Nancy and I are firming up our trip plans for the week long workshop we are taking at the Mendocino Art Center in April. Since we will also we carting our photo equipment we are looking forward to visiting a town whose name evokes sighs of ecstasy from those who have been there.

Before that, I'll be scouting out San Francisco for photo ops -- leaving Friday for a ten day trip.

I have eight canvases stapled to my slant wall, all waiting for the client to tell me the color palette. Seems like they would have decided that before the order was placed, doesn't it? Don't think I'll finish them before the trip. Good to have something to come home to, though.


Karen Jacobs said...

I once talked with a gallery director in the Southwest about encaustics... he told me of a crate of them which had been shipped to him and left sitting on the tarmac for hours in midday sun... they weren't a pretty sight when rescued!

More fun on the road for you and Nancy! Enjoy! KJ

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Are you two taking Robert Burridge's workshop?

I wanna go, too!

Blessings ~ Kaye

CMC said... of the problems of a medium that melts. Sure look wonderful though. You and Nancy have a great time.