Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bay Area Grey

I've gone from grey freeezing to grey temperate skies. Housesitting is always an adventure.

It's raining. Benn raining since I arrived, and will rain for the next few days. That hurts! I'm anxious to get out my camera and explore! Gale's condo sits on a salt water creek heavily populated with waterfowl. With just a peek of sunshine there are great shots waiting for me right off the balcony. I won't be content with that of course. I will be taking the ferry over to the city, and exploring all the twisty streets and piers. And one day I will drive to the coast, and explore Point Reyes. I have big plans!

But right now I am settling in to my new place. I went to the grocery store for provisions and to the department store for a coffee pot. Some things I just can't compromise on.

Pictures soon!


CMC said...

I know what you mean about gray days....too many in a row are depressing. BUT, thinking positively here, there is great beauty in gray as in bright sunshine and the contrast it brings. Gray is mysterious,subtle and calming.
Go out looking for that, Robin.

Anonymous said...

please explain to me what eric and obession perfumes are talking about on your comment blog??? i thought you where talking about the weather-where did odors come in? lost on that one