Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Motivation of Love

Inspiration comes from many places, and they are individual to each one of us. Motivation is different, and it comes from love.

I love the life I have created around art-making. I love to paint, I love to create, I love new and I love old. I love the process of gessoing, of drawing, of applying paint in any sort of way. I love the smell of oils, the smell of turps, the smell of encaustic. I love the way paper smells when you first tear open the box.

And I love the way I feel about the process, from designing, creating, painting, wrapping, delivering, and invoicing.

I love the way all those things come together and allow me to travel the world, ingest new visions and experiences, and use them all to create new art.

The perfect circle.

1 comment:

Martha Marshall said...

And I love the way you knock the props out from under anyone who whines that "you can't make a living as an artist!"