Friday, August 04, 2006

Changing Places

It seems as though desperate situations develop when I leave town. Knowing I was leaving, I spent hours I didn't have completing a mockup for a large project. I've been gone a couple of days now, and today I get a frantic phone call. All sorts of questions about where I am, do I have a place to paint (no), did I bring my painting supplies (no), can I go buy some (no). For a project that has been in the works for months, and is just now under construction, all of a sudden there's a sense of urgency. Not only do they want a completed mockup right now, the entire design concept is being challenged. I don't know how they expect me to complete a mockup for designs that aren't even approved yet. jeez! I swear this happens everytime I leave Dallas!

In other news, I have traded sweltering summer for the spring-like weather in northern California. I am not familiar with this area, but have fallen in love. If it weren't for the reminder of the earthquake we had yesterday I would want to move here -- but that's not uncommon for me. I'm in Berkeley, and lovin' it!

I am housesitting for an artist friend. Her house and yard are so creative, it's a joy just to sit outside and feast my eyes. I am also jealous that her gardens are so lush with color and fragrance, when my meager flower beds at home have shriveled to dust.

I would post photos from here, but alas! I am (1) on someone else's Mac and I'm a PC person and (2) I can't get on their secured wifi network with my laptop. So sorry folks.

It's after noon now, time for me to pack up my camera and get out and about..


CMC said...

The cool weather sounds great to me. San Francisco is one of those places you can freeze in June and August...I know personally.
See if your friend can send you the password and look on the router for the number...between the two you should be able to sign on the wireless network.

Annette said...

I sure can emphathize with the mac/pc, no files, nothing to work with scenario. My advice: don't get stressed, tell them what you are able to do for them and then enjoy that lovely spot. To quote someone I know "Live in the moment. HEHE

Bobbi C. said...

Glad you escaped the heat, Robin. I love Berkeley, and would also be there permanently if it weren't for the earthquakes.

Walker said...

What good advice to live in the moment! Well at the moment it's about 60 degrees, which is 40 degrees cooler than Dallas, for which I am grateful!