Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Another Question of Ethics

A local art consulting firm called me recently as asked if they could buy from me. I responded in the positive, without any thought of a current project that might be out for bid. My bad!

My "A" client (the one I am loyal to) asked if I had been approached to paint a commission for that other company. I hadn't, so I could honestly answer no. Then I find out that Client A had put a big project together (including two paintings of mine) which was approved by the design firm, but sent out to bid. My client lost the job at that point, now the other company who won the bid wants to commission me for the paintings.

I can't do it! I am loyal to Client A. If I do the paintings for the other company it would be suicide for my relationship with them. If I don't do them, the other company will knock me off, since everyone picked them for the project. Since the hotel is in Dallas, I can go directly to the jobsite and see what art they use.

This is not unusual, it's just business. I hate to turn down the commissions, but it sure wouldn't be worth it to me in the long run.

I'm stretching canvases this afternoon, and I have to admit, I am not good at it. Oh well, anything's possible with practice, right?

Inspiration of the Day: the weather! I have opened up all the windows and turned off the air conditioner, since it's cooled down to 90! Reminds me of California....

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