Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Professional Arrogance

Inspiration of the Day: Learning a New Skill
Yesterday I stretched my first ever canvas. I know that seems amazing for all the paintings I have produced. Since I paint for the design industry I am not generally required to stretch and frame paintings. It just hasn't been an issue.

I've hired it done. I've seen it done. I've read the instructions.

So I set to it yesterday morning and completed one lovely 24" sq canvas wrapped on a custom made 2" deep frame. It was a little loose. Then I remembered my newly purchased canvas pliers, still in the package on the kitchen table. Ha! And I thought I was so good. It came apart easily (with my new staple pullers!) and I used the pliers on the second run. Much better. The third one was better than the first.

These are photo paintings, and since parts of them are printed they can't be stretched until they are painted. In this case, I painted the sides (of the photo part) after stretching.

There's a lot of satisfaction in learning a new skill. You're never too "professional".


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