Thursday, July 27, 2006

No Loitering

Inspiration of the Day: the Broadway Musical "Brooklyn" now showing in Dallas, TX
The cast was good, the singing was good, the storyline interesting, but the creative way the stage sets were used was the most inspiring part of the performance. Clever!

I have delivered the second set of paintings for a hotel in Atlanta, 13 photo paintings. Feels good to finish another project. Decided to get transparencies made of several of them so I will be able to print them as giclees at some later date. Thought I'd have a lull between projects for some down time, but it's not working out.

Met with a designer this week, about those huge paintings I bid on some time ago. Looks like that project is a go, with a short deadline. I told them I can't possibly finish four 7' x 10' paintings in less than six weeks. That's full time painting, I won't have a minute for anything but sleep during that time period. Have to have a mockup ready by next Tuesday, because on Wednesday I'm heading out of town.

Gearing up for my two week trip to California. I have meetings with two potential new clients, both art consultants. And I'll get together with one of my sales reps out there.

Also have plans for some serious photo shoots. I'll do the traditional San Francisco scenes, but also want to concentrate on the coastline. It's so beautiful, and I have polished a few skills with my Yellowstone experience that I am looking forward to using. Don't know if I'll do a run up Napa valley - not sure if it's a good time of year for that -- but it sure is hot out there right now. I won't be making the mistake of renting a huge lens for this trip!


garyb50 said...

Aw, c'mon Robin, you can always rent it and ::cough cough:: decide not to take it along.

: )

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