Friday, June 09, 2006

Trying Too Hard

Toward Ste Colombe
A client told me about a new project involving hotel room art. I looked through my photography and didn't really find anything appropriate. She showed me an image that the client really liked, and I went into the studio and painted FIVE images that would work. I am in the middle of a huge print job, so I had a little time to paint. Silly me. I emailed photos of the paintings to my client who passed them on to her client. Did I get the job? Doesn't look like it, but not from lack of trying.

What I'm wondering now is what kind of repercussions that whole event will have. The end client knows me, knows I can paint, knows I will do a good job. It's probably not good for her to know that I can paint five things in one day! On the other hand, she also knows I work to please, so maybe it will be okay in the end. Who knows. I am probably overthinking the whole thing anyway.

I have been diligently setting up my new pbase gallery. It's so much easier than creating a gallery from scratch like I was trying to do. Too hard!


Emily said...

I visited your pbase! Beautiful works!! Btw, it was nice meeting you at zenafterhours. :)

Take care!

Emily said...

Just realized...looks like this is Walker's pbase gallery...still beautiful work! Have you tried flickr, yet?

Joyce said...

My word, Robin. Here I am struggling to paint one picture a day and you paint five. You are wonderwoman (wonderpainter?)!

Walker said...

Yea, crazy aren't I!