Thursday, June 08, 2006


The study of what makes people make the decisions they do. I read an article in a photography magazine about this, and how one artist uses this information to determine how he dresses when meeting with clients. My direct clients know me so well that it doesn't matter what I wear. But yesterday I had a meeting with another type of client, a commercial interior design firm. I struggled with what to wear, and finally decided to match the type clothing worn by designers. I didn't realize how different that is from my usual style until I heard the comment "you're wearing shoes, not flip flops!" Ouch!

I do think it helped in the meeting, though, because it made me less of an "artist" (untrustworthy) and more like one of "them".


KJ said...

I've kinda 'let myself go' in recent years and usually wear paint on body and clothes more often than not. But when I was pushing the envelope in my art career, I made a point to dress well and avoid the "artiste" look. I think it made a difference.

Pat said...


I think you'd look good in a gunny sack! But, it does make a difference in how we are perceived even in these casual days.

Love the picture of you! More professional than the fun shot before.

Those new hotel works are interesting. How will the small ones be used?

CMC said...

I've never known whether is was true or not...BUT, long ago a successful artist told me to wear "business wear" when it comes time to go for important meetings with people important to your career. Since that idea is something that goes along with my own personality as well, that's what I've been doing.
I don't know if comments I've heard like, "you don't look like an artist" are complimentary or not....