Sunday, June 04, 2006

Processing Prints

When a hotel is designed the last decision is about artwork. For room art, they want something that blends with both the color and style of the room. Nothing realistic, usually, unless it's a landscape. Certainly nothing provocative. A high end hotel room must be pleasing to any number of international guests. Appropriately, cultural and religious differences must be considered.

The images above are paintings created specifically for a hotel room, based on fabric samples and colorboard. I painted them last week, and they have been approved by the client. I then had transparencies and digital files created. Now I have the files on my computer and have spent some time color correcting to match the originals. I will print over 1,000 images total over the next week or so.

I use my wide format Epson for lots of other things, but this is the precise reason I bought it in the first place, to reproduce my own work.

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