Monday, June 26, 2006

No Tacos

This is the image that lost me the Mexican restaurant commission. My client blames me, but hey, I'm the artist! She could have hired someone else to paint the thing. I still got paid for the mockup, so it's not a total loss. And it was a good experience for me, since I got to create something totally different.

One of my clients is always commenting on how I am always on vacation, that I should spend more time in my studio. I have tired of defending myself. What she doesn't know is that I work a minimum of 12 hours everyday, including weekends. The only time I am not working is when I am away from my house. Which is why I have to schedule times to be away. Since I took up professional photography even those times are work now, since I don't go anywhere without my camera. For instance I will be in Yellowstone and the Tetons next week. Sounds like a nice vacation, right? Wrong, I am traveling with another photographer and we are bringing more equipment than clothes. We will be up early and out late vying for the perfect shot under perfect lighting conditions.

This past weekend I was up both Saturday and Sunday by 6:15 and in the studio by 6:30 with barely a cup of coffee in me. Still perfecting the big installation pieces -- and got a good start on the craft project (jewelled cow skull, don't ask).


Anonymous said...

Hey, Robin, it isn't so much that the client thinks you take too many vacations - I suspect that ONE would be too many. It is just that she wants you THERE whenever she calls.

You and Nacy have a terrific working vacation. Know it will be a great time with the two of you together. :o) Kaye

KJ said...

Nah, your client's right... you take way too many vacations that others just wish they could/would make the time for ;-) Next time they complain ask if they know what "burn out" means! The way you work, that would be a sure fire result. KJ

Bee said...

Hi Robin... absolutely do not even attempt to defend yourself. There is no need ... it's their problem not yours. Next time any one comments when you are going away, just ignore, smile sweetly & move on :-))
When writers go away to do 'research' no one bats an eyelid, strange isn't it.
Have a GREAT time! x

Walker said...

Yea - you ALL are right on this one. Who wouldn't want to do the traveling that I do? And yes, it's a requirement in my high octane work life.

Pat said...

Remember the book title I told you about? "What you think of me is none of my business"? Well, apply that to your work habits! You do well on 'vacation'. Haven't they heard of 'working trip'?

Jealousy speaks loudly...ignore it!


Martha Marshall said...

Well I like the mockup. You'll likely use the ideas that it generates.

I know what you mean by having to leave home to ever get a day off! When my feet hit the floor I'm already reporting for work. Doesn't matter that it's 5 a.m. or whenever. And weekends? What weekends?

Joanie said...

You NEED that time off, don't listen to those who don't get it. Great new photo of you too, very glam! I really like the Mexican Restaurant painting too, I'm sure it will go somewhere else that deserves it.

Marion BE said...

A photo trip where you're up and out to work the golden light is definitely NOT a holiday. If anyone disputes it you should take them along to carry your equipment; they'll soon change their tune!

Hope you get some awesome shots.