Friday, June 30, 2006

Miniature Grid Paintings

I do love the symmetry of a grid. While waiting for layers of paint to dry on other surfaces I painted these two tiny grids. They measure 12' x 12" so each square is 2". Really small compared to the gi-normous paintings I've been doing lately. So it was a fun change of pace for me.

My new client, the healthcare designer, came to the studio today. I was anxious to find out more about her and how I got included in the new medical building construction. It's really true that Henry Brilliant saw my work in a local hospital, and decided I was "his" artist. We still have never met, but he's apparently singing my praises all around. The designer indicated that he's a man who gets what he wants and that he wants us to work together. I showed her everything else I am working on in the studio so she would have an understanding of my versatility. When it came time to exchange business cards, ours were remarkably similar, so we both laughed about that, saying it was "meant to be"! I sure hope so!


Joyce said...

There's something very relaxing about working on a grid. You probably found that too as you chose to do one while waiting for other work to dry.

I'm working on a geometric grid right now (all triangles of two different sizes). The painting is of two irises and is 3 ft by 5 ft. This year has been rich with irises what with all the rain we have been having.

Martha Marshall said...

The little petroglyph/outer-space-inspired symbols are the most fun part, jumping out here and there.

I like the interplay of those with the patterns and quiet passages.

ggaleria said...

these two seem fresh and energetic -- and at the same time dainty and delicate -- and at the same time simple and sure. I love them.