Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hole in My Pocket

Sunset over the Bay, S. Padre Island, TX
In my constant attention to song lyrics, I picked this up last night at Wildflower Music Festival (Richardson, TX) where independent singer/songwriters took the stage. I wonder what a painting with that title would look like?

Since summer arrived here in the past two days, I've been thinking of the beach. I had an artist friend who lived on S. Padre Island, but she has moved. I was lucky enough to housesit for her two years in a row. In fact, I have worked as a housesitter in a number of wonderful places. It's always a win-win. I get to stay somewhere new (and add to my photography inventory) and they get their home and pets well taken care of in the owner's absence. I am always open to a new housesitting opportunity.


Bee said...

We have beaches & sea, we have mountains ... we also have toooo many thousand miles between Texas and the island of Cyprus. Such a pity as my pooches would love to have had you housesit with them ;-))

Joyce said...

What a lovely picture, Robin.