Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Time Creep

Since this painting will be hanging in an assisted living facility I started it with prayers. After my usual mantra that I write on every new painting, I just added stream of consciousness thoughts. All of that will be covered up by successive layers, but the energy of the words will remain with the painting.

The days pass too fast! I just noticed how little time I really have left until I leave for France on the 30th. And the FV painting has lots of design work yet to be done. Not only that but I quoted seven more pieces yesterday -- I doubt that I can possibly do them before I leave, but I'm a known workaholic. I am totally motivated by the paycheck -- and since I won't be getting one for a whole month I have to do what I can right now. I can sleep in France!


Joyce said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun putting that paint on the white canvas!

aafan said...

You mean that artists write messages on their underpaintings???

Please tell us. What did you write?

Martha Marshall said...

Mercy me! I'd be renting a studio for sure if I were starting on a painting that big! And I'd get me one of those rolling safety ladders with handrails and a landing at the top! Looking good!!