Saturday, January 07, 2006

Production Day 4

Everything is painted. The squares that are taped off have two coats of gesso and two coats of injet pre-coat. I thought I could do all the printing at once, but the logistics didn't work out. The 2 white squares in the middle that are not taped will be the second run through the printer. Which means the total time for this project is much more than I planned due to long drying times in between layers of painting and painting and printing. Oh well. Considering that I submitted this image as a digital file of a painting that didn't exist, it's not surprising that there are some flaws in my scheduling.

Today is my birthday, I shouldn't be painting at all!


Karen Jacobs said...

Happy Birthday, Robin... watching you work is a real treat. Hope you can show how on earth you print on those big canvases, I'm at a loss to imagine. KJ

CMC said...

It's coming together.............I'm singing..
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...........HAPPPY BiRRRTHDAY, HA.....well you get the drift.
I'll be in Dallas next Wed and Thursday for 4 x 5's....we should get together if possible for lunch.

Martha Marshall said...

I was out of town on your birthday surprising my son for his birthday, which was the 5th!! Happy birthday to you!!! These pieces are going to be awesome.