Sunday, January 15, 2006


Why don't I pursue galleries? Because on Saturday there were three checks in my mailbox for paintings that I delivered last week. The longest stretch of time between delivery and receipt of payment was two weeks. What gallery can match that?

I have had the gallery experience in Santa Fe. While a wonderful art market exists there, my work was behind closed doors in the gallery that represented me. Yes, in the closet upstairs. Needless to say I had no sales for the six months I stayed.

My other gallery experience was as co-owner of a coop gallery here in Dallas. What I learned there is that I am a do-er. Trying to motivate a group of "Sunday painters" was beyond me. Although sales of my paintings were good (and at retail less 10%), that alone could not compensate for all the time I spent in administration, not painting.

All of which led me right back to the decorative art market, focusing on hospitality. Which is where I started my commercial art career back in the '80s. I was a glass artist, doing stained, carved, beveled glass panels for hotels. Looking at the big picture, I'd say I am right where I belong.

Images above are the current "palms" series, which are almost ready to be varnished.

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