Tuesday, December 20, 2005


On the day my sister was to get the results of her biopsy I was keyed up, anxious, ready to jump out of my skin. I wanted to hear the diagnosis, and I didn't want to hear. Nothing I could find on the internet was good news about her condition. Yet, she called me in high spirits, shouting, "I'm going to live a long time!" Was she misdiagnosed in the beginning, or did the doctor just now have enough information to be accurate? We don't know, but we are celebrating his prediction of a 90% cure rate. She starts chemo today.

The big red painting is named "Alladin" after the book whose pages are collaged in. Two coats of Golden MSA gloss varnish have rendered the surface very shiny. The fumes are terrible, and even though it was in the low 40s yesterday, I had to have a window wide open with a fan drawing air to the outside.

Also completed "Seafall", the second commission from the 6" sq. It's 30 x 60 and came together nicely. Although the sample was totally abstracted, the commission is a little more literal underwater scene. The client is a surfer, and loves the ocean.