Thursday, December 22, 2005

Last Minute Rush

I have two printing jobs that need to be completed before I get on the airplane tomorrow. One is photography, two photos taken in Arizona of a morning fog lake scene. They are to be printed five feet long on canvas. This is an ongoing project that changed dramatically in the last minutes of the business day yesterday. Each photo was to be tinted a color that was given to me a month ago. Up until 4:00 yesterday those were the colors I was trying to get the designer to approve. She finally admitted that the colors wouldn't work for the project at all, and gave me Pantone colors to match to. Colors that are completely different than the originals I had been working with all this time. I am not a Photoshop expert -- I am an artist and photographer. My abilities are limited when it comes to changing colors and gradations of a natural scene. That's not what I do. So I have been presented with a challenge.

I have made the color adjustments as best as I can, am now waiting for comments from the designer. Best case scenario is that I get approval and can print the images for delivery today. Yea right.

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