Thursday, November 03, 2005


Many professional artists have bought into the "artist's lifestyle" fallacy. They think that because they are "artists" they can sleep late, wear weird clothes, not show up on time, and sell bad paintings for high prices because they are painting their "vision". In reality, being an artist is a lot like being an accountant, or any other kind of business person.

I get up early, get a bit of news and coffee, then make a plan for the day. It's 6:20 am and I've already done all that, plus I've been in the studio and made some adjustments on my newest painting. I am taking a break to write this.

It's important for a self employed person to have structure. If I didn't, I'm afraid I would sit around in my pajamas and watch Oprah reruns. Instead, I work (paint) and I manage my career. I can't be successful without following basic business rules.

Okay, I do dress funny sometimes.

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Valerie Millett said...

Amen!! ...about the artist lifestyle. I'm really enjoying your blog.

I tell people being an artist isn't all about creating your "stuff". I have to be the accountant, the marketing manager, the promoter, the business person.

It's work, it just happens to be fun at the same time. And it's my second job :)

Great site.