Friday, November 04, 2005

Inventory Control

Some artists have large inventories of paintings waiting for buyers. I am lucky not to have that. If I am in creative mode and paint new things outside of my commission work I usually take them to local galleries who will keep them on consignment. The feedback I get from this is invaluable. If they sell immediately I know I have a winner. If they don't, the gallery owners pass on the comments from their customers.

The photo above is paintings on paper and photographs that I hung to dry. I print my own photography and the ink must have time to cure. Wet paintings on paper benefit by air circulation to both sides. That's a small room, so I use a fan pointed at the floor.

Finished paintings that don't have homes are stored in flat files. If I keep them too long I will discover some fatal flaw that all of a sudden becomes so obvious that I will throw the painting away. Unsold inventory has a stifling effect on me. If I have too much I can't paint anything new. If I don't have any I am inspired.

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