Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sense of Urgency

I am leaving for Santa Fe in the morning, for a two week trip. I always announce my travel schedule far in advance so that my clients can plan for my absence. In the few days preceding a trip they seem to panic and I get phone calls and emails, "When are you leaving? How long will you be gone?" This is no exception. For the past few days I have been busy scanning and printing various old photographs to be displayed in a hotel in California. I didn't want to do it, but I couldn't turn down the money! It seemed an easy way to make a few extra dollars. Until I had to color match to other existing pieces. What a nightmare! I told my client that I never wanted to do this again. I don't mind printing my own work (room art for example), but nothing else.

And I had a last minute meeting yesterday to discuss the details of a landscape painting to be completed while I am gone. That was fine until they told me it would be five feet long! I have no place to paint that size where I am housesitting. Sigh.

Another client called to see if I could paint six landscapes while I am gone. This one I had to decline, but I was happy to hear that repairs are being made in New Orleans, These paintings will replace ones I did earlier this year for the Beau Rivage casino which was damaged by hurricane Katrina.

Tomorrow I have a ten hour drive, I haven't packed a thing, I have client meetings and deliveries to make, supplies to buy. I need a vacation!

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