Friday, November 11, 2005

Business Decisions

Yesterday I helped a friend do a presentation at a design firm. She sells linens, bath and spa accessories and she was presenting to a company that designs hotels. Just so happens that I did the artwork for one of their recent projects. When I was recognized by one of the designers she prompted stood up and introduced me -- and gushed so dramatically about my talents and accomplishments that I was quite embarrased. Several of the designers asked for my card, which put me in an awkward position. I don't usually deal directly with designers, but rather through an art consulting company. I would be cutting my throat to sell direct. If I am contacted I will refer them. Yikes!

In other news the photo with a life of it's own, Fogfisher, which I took in Arizona in October has been chosen as one of a pair of photos to be printed five feet long for a hotel project. I remember that morning, knowing that I was in the presence of something magical as the fog sifted over the lake and I captured it with my camera.

I am negotiating another commission for a painting in the Grid series. This one is five feet high and eleven feet long. We are trying to figure out the logistics of getting it up to the ninth floor of an office building. I can easily staple up a canvas that size, but getting it stretched and delivered is a bit of a problem. Oh well, art will find a way!

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