Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday Morning

Monday is the day of planning, of new beginnings! It's the day I take stock of what's going on with my life, my art, my goals, and evaluate weekly if I'm on track.

This morning I completed this painting created from a black and white logo for a large hotel company. The painting will be printed, framed and hung in the guest rooms. It's a small painting, but a big job since I will also be doing the printing.

Later today I will start a new big canvas, 48" sq, for a local corporate office lobby.

In the hours when I am not painting I sit at my computer. My website has been updated, and my 31,000 photos are being catalogued. I could sell more photography if I could find it when my clients call. It's a big effort that will really pay off. Thanks to a photographer friend of mine I have a new software program to make this go more smoothly. Still, it's a big chore. I often get lost in the imagery.

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