Sunday, October 16, 2005

Art Talk

I have just returned from a week spent in a mountain cabin with 10 other artists. That is unusual for me. My studio is at home and I don't venture too far from it. Unless I am traveling.

Travel is where my inspiration comes from. At home I only work. It's difficult for me to create new things when I am managing deadlines and paperwork.

Gathering together in the evenings, we spent endless hours discussing themes of interest to our small group. What is art? We don't know. We only know that we create it.

I came away from the week with my eyes filled with mountains, canyons, piercing blue skies and frantic yellow aspens. What fascinated me most was fog on the lake. With all the drama around me, it was the low contrast silky edges of the Ponderosa pines and the dark worried shapes of rocks that drew me in.

I had commissions to do when I got home. Setting them aside, I created these two paintings to capture the essence of the week at the lake.

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