Saturday, December 19, 2009

Approaching Holidays

Every year around this time I promise myself that I won't be so frazzled NEXT year. So far, every year has been the same. Never enough time to cook, buy, wrap, send, visit, hug and kiss. It's getting easier though, since I no longer stress over Christmas cards! Thank goodness for the internet which makes it possible to shop in my pajamas any time of the day or night. Also can contact friends when I think of them instead of waiting for a reasonable hour for a phone call, or days later for a card to arrive. Yes, the internet is wonderful.

2009 has been the busiest year ever for my art business. I have painted more variety this year, and added some new skills. In addition to lots of abstract paintings I've painted quite a few landscapes, and just in the past few weeks, lots of cows. Lots of resin, carvings, castings, and encaustic. I took a workshop and learned image transfer to fresco, but haven't perfected that yet.

I lost a good client this year, by virtue of becoming business partners with her long time employee. We formed a new company in 2009, an art consulting firm, Art-Centric LLC. We were fortunate enough to land a big contract early in the year, artwork for the public spaces of the JW Marriott Hill Country resort and spa in San Antonio, TX. The project is now drawing to a close. It's been a great time, and big challenge for our first year of business. We've been blessed.

It's been a good year for love, too, since I started dating after a long hiatus! We've taken a few trips together, and bless his heart, he's a pilot and flies me around anywhere I want to go on his passes. I hope to take advantage of that a little more in 2010.

I moved my studio out of my house and into a 3,000 sq ft commercial space a year ago, and it was a long transition as I learned to paint in the new space. Now I love it, and have even gotten used to driving to work instead of rolling out of bed into the studio. It's good to have that separation of work and home.

It's been a good year overall, and mostly I have my partner Margie to thank for that. She's a gem, and we complement each other well. I'm blessed, WE are blessed, and I can happily close out this year and welcome the new one.

May each of you source the things that make you happy ~


Bee Skelton said...

I am so delighted to hear of your super successful year ... in all it's different aspects. You deserve such happiness ... your positivity and generosity of spirit I'm sure will ensure an equally fabulous 2010. All the best to you x

Anonymous said...

It all sounds so good, and so well deserved too. May 2010 be a stellar year for you. Best wishes from New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Martha Marshall said...

Robin, you and I both are busy and can't get to each other's blogs often, and besides, we see each other on facebook. But I wanted to congratulate you on a fabulous 2009, and know 2010 will have even more exciting stuff for you.

I agree that a separation between living and working space is a good thing. Glad it's working out.