Sunday, May 24, 2009

Keeping Up

Feast or famine - it's always one or the other in my life. Which isn't surprising since I'm a full time professional artist/photographer. But now that I've taken on a bigger than big project I can hardly sleep anymore. Not time to, and also very difficult to quiet my mind. Sigh. Not that I'm complaining, understand.

In an economic time when many professionals are out of work I'm very happy to to be spending quality time in my studio working on commissions.

I did take a break last weekend and made a quick trip up to Chicago for my boyfriend's son's college graduation. He got a degree in computer game design, imagine that! Since Victor added me as his registered travel companion, it's a lot easier to jump on a plane with available seats and take off for somewhere, anywhere. While we were stuck at DFW because flights to Chicago were delayed, it was very tempting to take a flight to Honolulu instead. Of course then we would have missed the graduation. Next time, though, I'm going to pack for all possibilities.

I have a lot going on in the studio. Four 40 x 60 landscape paintings on gold/silver leaf, one large abstract, two 24 " sq paintings with gold painted leaves cascading down the surface, two 48" and two 36" sqs with raised stencil medallions. That's all for this week. I'm also still processing photos for another job which has deadline in a week. aaack!

I'm pouring resin for a job that was rejected! The resin had bubbles. I've poured two more, and they both have bubbles, too. There is no way to prevent that unless you use a pressure tank, and these pieces won't even fit inside one. It's bubbles or nothing at this point. I'm voting for nothing because I'm sick of the whole resin fiasco!

Going to San Antonio mid week for a photo shoot with a friend. I know I don't have time, but the photos are for a specific project. I hope to work in a short visit with my dad.

I've canceled my June vacation to Italy. Just can't take the time right now. Hope to do it in September, instead. And maybe between now and then Victor and I can take a few long weekends somewhere.

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